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Jul 22, 2022

McCoy K9 & Reservoir Dogs present a 2-DAY Decoy Camp & Certification Day.
Must be a NADF Member to attend.


Instructor: Greg McCoy

Decoy Evaluator: Bill Ellinger

Decoy Camp Fee $300

NADF Individual Membership (if purchased online) $50

NADF Decoy Certification (optional) $25

Introduction to Catching Dogs

Practice trusting the suit

Learning how to catch the dog without injuring the dog

Understand how to manipulate a dog’s body weight

and momentum to your advantage

Intro to Reading Dogs

Interpret dog body language

Distinguish dog vocalization

Body Mechanics in a Suit

How to manipulate the suit to enhance dog bite grips

Decoy Safety

Properly Drive Dogs In Competition

Presenting dog to the judge

How to encourage and push dog to its limit

Putting it all together

Demonstrate knowledge learned in front of NADF Judge for evaluation

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